Rental office

You don’t have to buy a Pinpack right away to have fun! We know that purchase of a packraft is an investment and your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we’ve prepared an option for you which is the hire a dinghy. Packrafting sounds tempting, but you’re not sure is it for you? Are you scared the equipment will end up all dusty in a closet? Use our rental office and check whether Pinpack will become your new favorite company to spend your spare time or not.

You’re wondering if packrafting is for you and not sure if after purchase you’ll be disappointed because for instance, it’ll turn out you’ll use the equipment once in a year? We invite you to our rental office. Check out is it the way of traveling and spending time for you.

We offer the hire of complete packratfing equipment. You don’t need to buy all the kit right away to have a fun weekend! Contact us and we’ll help you pick a dinghy and accessories suitable for your needs.

Do you want to buy a dinghy, but you’re hesitating which model to choose? Make a date with us and we’ll give you a try of our equipment on the spot or hire it to you to test.

Equipment can be ordered for a weekend that you choose. We send it on Tuesday, so that it arrives on Wednesday, Thursday the latest, but we’d like you to send it back on Monday.

Hire costs 150zł. Equipment includes: a packraft dinghy, oars, and an assurance vest (possibly a helmet if you want to use packrafts on white water). You need to count up the cost of delivery to the price.

If you enjoy the equipment and are interested in buying one, the price will be reduced by the hire cost.

In case you’re interested in hiring our equipment for an extended period of time, please contact us via e-mail on

BEFORE PURCHASE, PLEASE ASK US VIA E-MAIL ABOUT AVAILABILITY OF EQUIPMENT – send us an e-mail with information of the date you’d like to hire, kind of packraft (open, with a deck, what color), and vest size.