1) Where can I use the packrafting equipment?

Because of its lightness, this equipment in designed for use mainly in river streams. However, basically we can use it anywhere we can get with a rucksack and having access to water. This raft will prove to be equally useful on a rafting in the Pieniny mountains, when crossing on our own the Venice channels in Italy or exploring the Scandinavian fjords. In fact, we are limited only by our imagination

2) What distinguishes the Pinpack raft from a normal raft?

Most of all, the material makes the difference. Normal rafts are usually made from vinyl materials or PVC. Our rafts are made from much more durable reinforced polyurethane, thus we can rely on them even in extreme conditions.

3) How to pump the Pinpack rafts without using a pump?

Pursuing the conception of minimalism while travelling, we also replaced a pump by a universal vinyl bag, which allows us to „catch” the air and by pressing on it we force it to the inside of the raft. It takes about 2 minutes to pump the raft by this method, you can watch it on a video (link). In addition, we can pack our clothes in that bag when rafting to protect them from getting wet. It is also possible to use it as a kind of a shower when camping, owing to its characteristic structure.

4) Can the raft withstand the contact with such obstacles as rocks or tree branches standing out?

Branches may suffer a bit but the rest will survive

5) Can such a raft be punctured?

It can, but you have to try very hard to do so…

6) What if I did damage my raft?

Each raft is equipped with a repair kit. It includes a special adhesive tape. All you have to do is wipe the area of cracked material with a dry rag and stick on the defective area. This extremely resistant and elastic foil will permanently solve the problem, if used as instructed. After using it, you can continue rafting without fears. In case of minor shortage of material you can also make use of adhesive tape – a popular crocodile tape. In case of major defects, the kit provides you with a patch, which you can stick by yourself using the glue added to the kit. Certainly in such a case you can also send the model to us, where our service point will repair it.

7) What is included in the repair kit?

The repair kit includes:

  1. Tear-Aid A-type repair foil + rags dampened with alcohol – this kit is sort of a first-aid kit for raft damages caused when rafting. It allows fast and easy repair, without the need to resign from further travel. A repair with this kit will take you only few minutes. Take it with you on every trip, it does not occupy much space and you never know when you might need it [gluing instructions]
  2. Two-component glue + glue hardener + patches in the raft colour + rags dampened with alcohol – this kit contains very durable and strong glue. It withstands even the most extreme conditions. It is used for sticking patches on holes or tears which don’t require immediate repair [gluing instructions]

Repair kit photo:zestaw naprawczy

8) Why are packrafts so expensive?

Taking into account the fact that they are made from technologically advanced materials, their price is adequate to quality. This equipment will serve for years, even if used in extreme conditions, and concurrently it will occupy maximally small space in the baggage. We take advantage of the best materials because we need to be sure that they will survive in any conditions, increasing to the maximum your safety when rafting and that even in wild backwoods of the nature they will not fail.