Packrafting dinghies, due to their lightness, are designed mainly for river stream rafting. On an open water reservoir, the wind force will have a significant influence on the flow speed. However, they can be used basically in any place where there is water. Pinpack will work out excellently while rafting in Pieniny as well as on an expedition through the Venetian canals or while sightseeing the Scandinavian fjords.

Packraft Amundsen II is a single person dinghy. However, it has big displacement (over 300kg) thus you can take a child, dog, or bigger baggage with yourself.

No. To paddling, you should use standard oars, foldable ones preferably, so that they fit in the baggage. Our oars have been made specifically for packrafting, that’s why they’re the best addition to our dinghies. If you decide to get different oars, we suggest you get 220cm length ones for Pinpack Amundsen II.

The main difference is the fabric that Pinkpack is made of. The standard dinghies are usually made of vinyl materials or PCV. We make our packrafts of way more durable material – reinforced polyurethane. Thanks to this, our Pinpacks work out excellently even in extreme conditions. The durability of our packraft is comparable to a canoe.

A pump won’t be necessary. The dinghy has to be inflated with a special sack, enclosed with the packraft, and in the end, you need to finish inflating with your mouth. It’s good to take care of the packraft to be filled with air to the maximum because this impacts its durability.

Pinpack dinghies are made of remarkably durable materials. All the elements of the packrafts are welded and during production glue isn’t used what improves their quality. Their durability equals to canoes’. However, they’re not imperishable. They can be harmed just like everything else.

We add a special repair kit to each dinghy – Tear Aid. In case of a puncture, you need to wipe the area around the hole with a dry cloth and then tape over it. It’s an extremely durable and elastic foil. Used in line with the instruction, it solves the puncture problem for good. In case of a small damage of material you can also use a popular repair tape – ducktape. You can also send a packraft to our service, where we’ll take care of its fix.

In the repair kit you’ll find:

Repair foil Tear – Aid type A + alcohol bandage – the kit provides fast and easy fix of the damage without the need to cut short your expedition.