Pinpack Amundsen is a single very lightweight and durable expedition raft. Owing to the materials, from which it was made, as well as the structure and size, this equipment has unique water features. Its dimensions after folding and weight make it possible to pack it even to small rucksacks. Whereas, after unfolding it is able to accommodate both the traveller and his baggage. Due to its universal size, all users, the taller and the shorter, can enjoy the travel. Pinpack Amundsen is just an ideal companion in case of long journeys, while its entire potential can be appreciated while overcoming fast river bends of diversified difficulty level.


User's manual

From whom:

It was designed for travellers, recreational tourists, fishermen, for rafting on rivers with moderate difficulty scale (for rafting on rivers with higher difficulty scale we recommend the Pinpack Amundsen with deck). It will prove useful also on family expeditions. You can take your pet on the board as well. Designed also for very tall people (up to 200cm high).

What distinguishes the Pinpack Amundsen from other models:

  • It is intended for travellers who need to take big and heavy baggage with them (it is also dedicated to fishermen). This model can accommodate a small child or a dog.
  • Ideal for tall people.
  • Unique design (created centreboard) assures great stability and navigability on water.




Total length 225 cm

Inner length 165 cm

Maximal width 104 cm

Seat width 50 cm

Maximal inner width 41 cm


Raft 3.215 kg

Inflatable seat 0.16 kg

Stabilising belts 0.11 kg

Bag for pumping 0.22 kg

Transport bag 0.215 kg

total: 3.920 kg


What is included in the set:

1) raft

2) inflatable seat (demountable)zawartosc_worka

3) bag for pumping (multifunctional)

4) transport bag

5) repair kit

6) four additional grips for fixing of baggage

7) stabilising belts

8) foot belt (optional)




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Price: 690 €