Amundsen with deck


Pinpack Amundsen with a deck is a single-person sturdy inflatable boat intended for rafting. It is made of the same special materials as the model, except without a deck. Its structure and design are perfectly adjusted to difficult conditions present during mountain rafting. It can be characterised by incredible manoeuvrability and strength, while its features allow for rafting down rivers withdifficulty levels of Whitewater III and Whitewater IV. After folding, it fits into every travel backpack, which makes it a perfect companion of every adventure hunter.

User's Manual

From whom:

This packraft has been created for rafting at high difficulty levels. It is perfect for risk and adrenaline lovers, who enjoy spending their free time actively. If you like facing risk and spending time outdoors, this model is just for you!

What makes it different:

  • It includes a deck, which allows for rafting down demanding river streams.
  • Easy spraydeck assembly and disassembly.
  • Perfect for travellers – its lightness and small volume after folding make it possible to take it anywhere.
  • Unique design (created daggerboard) ensures high stability and manoeuvrability on the water.



Total length: 225 cm

Inner length: 165 cm

Maximum width: 104 cm


Seat width: 50 cm

Inner maximum width: 41 cm


Inflatable boat 3.370 kg

Side straps for legs 0.11 kg

Inflation bag 0.22 kg

Transport bag 0.215 kg

Apron 0.375 kg

Frame for deck 0.185 kg

Total: 4.635 kg

What is included in the set:

1) raft

2) inflatable seat (demountable)

3) inflation bag (multifunctional)zdjecie

4) transport bag

5) repair kit

6) stabilising belts

7) four additional grips for fixing of baggage

8) foot belt (optional)

9) frame for the deck

10) apron












Price: 790 €