The Pinpack brand was built on the common passion, love to travelling and joy in experiencing the nature, as well as the previous experience of the founders.

Our company is made up of people who think that a real journey starts at the time of planning it, while a traveller’s conception and gratification is not reaching the destination but the journey itself.

In accordance with the above guidance, with a little bit of minimalism, we have developed equipment fully designed and manufactured in Poland, made from the highest-class materials, the idea of which was born in the wild backwoods of the Northern America. Pinpack is a brand of ultralight but highly durable rafts, which can be also used in extreme conditions, providing a possibility for the user to pack such equipment to a rucksack together with other things needed on a journey. Pinpack provides the freedom of travelling and a variety of experiences, any time we are able to cross a river together with our baggage.

We want to ensure that a traveller will be completely self-sufficient on a journey, either near or far, and to prove Pinpack’s reliability.



What is packrafting?

13221732_473561176183958_3967039727769762996_nFirst a little bit of history: Problems of people with crossing rivers, located usually in the centre of their civilised world, date back to the ancient times. Those days, people developed sort of a precursor of the present rafting, i.e. drifting on a river on inflated animal skins. Such methods were very popular and were applied all over the world. This was practised for quite a long time, until the mid-21st century, when vulcanization methods were invented, rafting went through transformations assuming the form similar to the present rafts.

With the present technology, rafts are no longer necessary to get to the other side of the river. The idea of rafting was completely changed while we were totally enthused with its new variation. It owes its new face to the Americans, who in the early 80’s, tired of the tumult of big cities, seeking for adrenaline and peace, went on a journey to distant Alaska in order to cross alone this tireless land. This gave birth to packrafting, i.e. a small lightweight raft. Nevertheless, the fact that it is small and lightweight does not mean it is not durable.

The basic conception of packrafting is the possibility to pack the whole equipment in one rucksack and to set off on a journey. The most captivating thing, just like in the song by Boys „Freedom and liberty”, is that there are no limits. We decide where and when we want to travel, whether it’s going to be a mountainous river streams or an independent rafting on river channels. It is not only a way to explore the world from a bit different perspective, but it also provides you with some adrenaline.

This new form of spending spare time actively among the blessings of the nature has just arrived to Europe. We are convinced that its popularisation is only a matter of time, taking into consideration the number of beautiful places to see on our Old Continent. From the calm waters of the Dunajec river in the Pieniny mountains, through the difficult Rio Gallego in the Pyrenees or even the extreme Montenegro Basin. There is plenty of possibilities and anything depends on our skills and on what we want to explore at a given time.

This is what we fell in love with and we want to enthuse others with our passion.